• Help your clients make the most out of their photographic experience on there wedding day, and help yourself do the best job possible by educating them through this beautifully designed 65 page Wedding Guide Template.

  • Includes wording that is inclusive for ALL gender identities, sexual orientation, types of love and any kind of couple or client in between. 

  • Comes in InDesign (.INDD) format for customizing  to your own brand and business. Easily change images, colors, and wording to fit your needs with this easy to use design program. 

  • Includes pages for photographer welcome, engagement session prep, client testimonials, a full sample wedding timeline, a wedding day prep questionnaire for your clients to fill out, and MUCH more!

  • Included instruction sheet gives you steps so you can customize this template and get it printed from MagCloud.com or digitally published! 


If you feel stuck in a sea of other wedding photographers or are asking yourself how you can up-level your business, stand out, and provide an incredible service to your clients… THIS guide is it! 

You can print this off or keep it digital to send to clients for a beautiful gift before their wedding that will really set you apart.  You’ll be imprinting your brand in their minds, reminding them why you were the perfect choice for a photographer, and giving them the confidence and knowledge to get the most out of their photographic experience.

What sets this guide apart? I was in search of a Wedding Guide Template when I decided I really wanted to take my business up a notch. Everything I was finding during my research was very traditionally worded, not inclusive for all types of love and couples and humans, and did not fit the direction or goals of my business which is to be approachable for ALL kinds of people and love out there. I decided I needed to make my own to fit this need.

What you will find… wording that does not label, neglect, or put anyone in a box. “Partner, wedding party, florals, outfit of choice, wedding attendees, etc.” instead of “bride and groom, husband and wife, bridal party, bridal bouquet, gown, bridal party, etc.”  

TEMPLATE COMES IN INDESIGN FORMAT. You must download InDesign from Adobe Suite. It is a user friendly graphic design program and they offer a 7 day free trial. After that, it is $20/ month to use or if you already have the Adobe Creative Cloud it is part of the package. 

Download InDesign HERE.