What to Wear: 10 Tips for Choosing Your Photo Session Outfits

Deciding what outfits to wear for family or couple’s photos can be just as challenging as finding the perfect photographer. These are photos you are going to display in your home and cherish for years to come. It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear but it doesn’t need to be. Here are 10 tips I love to give clients when deciding what to wear…

1. Choose one palette or tone and stick to it:

Choosing a color palette and sticking to similar tones gives the image a cohesive look. Neutrals and earth tones photograph beautiful and look great all together in an image. Also deep jewel tones (greens, maroons, burgundy etc.) all look great together. Pick one and try to stick to it!


2. Coordinate but don’t match:

The days of matching are over (in my opinion!). I love when couples and families coordinate color schemes but don’t necessarily match the exact same. This gives the image more variety and each person can show more of their personality and style.


3. Patterns, yay or nay?

I love a good pattern, but used sparingly. I love one or two people in a pattern and the rest in solids as it gives the image some variety without being overdone. One in stripes, one in plaid, or one in a floral skirt looks stunning but don’t overdue it with clashing patterns.


4. Textures photograph beautifully:

Think chunky sweaters, a ruffled neck line, or a flowy top. All look lovely and give an image some depth and movement.

5. Make your photos timeless.

I know trendy outfits can be fun to play around with, but wearing something that you hopefully won’t cringe at in 5 or 10 years will keep your images timeless! You want to have these images displayed and hung up for years and years to come!

6. Think about location:

Remember where the location is and try to match your outfit to that vibe. Are you in the forest? Try long pants, cozy tops, and fall appropriate shoes. Is your session on the beach? Flowy skirts, barefeet, and light colors look excellent!

7. Comfort is crucial:

Being yourself and comfortable is the most important thing! You want the images to reflect who you are. We will likely be moving around quite a bit too, so comfort is so important!


8. Accessories smartly:

I love a good scarf, hat, or shawl to play around with and add some movement to the photos. Keep large jewelry to a minimum to allow your features and smiles to be the main event!

9. Say no to brands, words, or characters:

Yes we love showing our personality, and clothing is often a way to do that! Your clothing for your session, however, should not be the main event. Large words, characters, and branding can often distract from the beauty and emotion in an image.


10. Don’t forget about your feet!

Remember where your shooting and try to match your footwear accordingly. Heels on the beach for example may not be the best idea. Boots, flats, and barefeet are great options!

Katie Kiely